THE GREEN LAB | Company profile

The company “The GreenLab” is a modern laboratory for the production – marketing of professional cosmetics, face & body in the field of health & beauty.

The new line of professional cosmetics Nouvelyn DermoCosmetics covers a wide range of treatments, providing solutions to professionals in the field.

Our great experience and our long-term cooperation with Aesthetics Institutes, Aesthetic Medical Centers, Dermatologists, Plastic surgeons covers every desire & need of the modern consumer.

The compositions of our products are innovative and pioneering with new active ingredients, new complexes, new techniques with great effectiveness for all skin types.

The goal of Nouvelyn DermoCosmetics is to provide solutions for effective beauty & skin care treatments.

All our products exclude ingredients such as:

    • Parabens • GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) • Allergens free • Petrolatum • Phthalates, PCM, NM • Ethanolamine etc. •Phthalates, PCM, NM • Ethanolamine κ.ά.

Our company provides solutions for skin care treatments based on five ideas:

  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Satisfaction
  • Teamwork
  • Morality


Τhe Green Lab | Mission

The mission of The Green Lab is to reveal the natural beauty of the skin, offering the most effective solutions.

The Green Lab | Research & Development (R&D)

The greenLab owes its success to (R&D) in the cosmetics research and development department.

The GreenLab Cosmetics Research and Development Department is supported by chemists & Cosmetologists providing the best product adaptation to the requirements of each market.

All cosmetics created using the most advanced technologies and containing the most innovative active ingredients provide the best effectiveness in treatments for face and body.

Τhe Green Lab | Quality policy

The Green Lab’s Quality Policy fully complies with the European Union standards for the safety and functionality of all products